My love for leather has found another outlet in the designing of exclusive, sought after leather clothing.
I only use exceptional quality Italian leather, made by Italian tailors. Until now we have only made coats, jackets, shorts, skirts, and dresses. These are all custom made and limited editions as the leather we choose is unique to each item of clothing. These items of clothing can only be bought from the Larettamia's Miami Beach flagship store, and we are happy to discuss other models of leather clothing with our customers. It would be like having your own private atelier.

The Bike Jacket This jacket is available in a series of colors and sizes.
Finishing : leather, satin lining, zip.

The Carly Coat This is a coat dress for day and evening wear. A very elegant piece of clothing for any social occasion.
Finishing : lasered leather, leather, suede.

The Milano This jacket is made of the highest quality leather, in various colors and is very versatile to wear. The cut makes it ideal to wear with skirts, dresses, jeans etc.
Finishing: leather, suede, lasered leather, zip.

The Twiggy Dress This sleeveless dress reminds me of London in the 60's.
Finishing: leather, suede, button or zip.

The Mia Shorts These shorts are perfect for a casual lunch or a day at the beach.  They are not tailored but are a comfortable fit and are available in many different colors and leathers.
Finishing: leather, suede, perforated leather, camouflage leather, leather or cotton tie, rear small pocket.

The Twiggy Skirt The length of this skirt can be tailor made and adjusted to each customer. Easy to wear and comfortable, this skirt is flattering for everyone.
Finishing: leather, suede, perforated leather, zip .

Berber Chic Gilet A fusion of Moroccan leather or suede with Berber  accents, with or without fringes. The precious embroidery on each side of the vest make this item of clothing stand out in a crowd.
Finishing: leather, suede, embroidery, colored beads and coins, with or without fringes.